Old World Tarantulas

Cobalt Blue Tarantula Haplopelma lividum
Mombasa Golden Starburst TarantulaPterinochilus murinus

Old World Tarantulas are categorized by the geographical area within which they can be found. "Old World" is defined by the eastern hemisphere and includes countries/continents such as India, Africa, Asia, and much of Europe. The majority of tarantulas live within a few degrees of the equator, whether they are Old World or New World.

Old World tarantulas do not have urticating hairs to use as a defense like their New World cousins. Perhaps because of this Old World tarantulas are much more likely to strike out any threat and are typically less good-natured than their more mellow cousins, the New World tarantulas. Their motto seems to be "strike first, ask questions later"!

Like all wild tarantulas, Old World varieties are pressured by loss of habitat and collecting for the pet trade.This is particularly true of the arboreal, or tree-dwelling, tarantulas, since their primary habitat is a rainforest canopy.